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Čoka Winery - a trustworthy company

The concept of Coka vinery is simple; quality wine, good atmosphere, available to consumers, the brand with tradition longer than 120 years and moderate prices. For a second time, ZK wine got an award “My choice” voted by consumers, and for digital performance, the winery was awarded a certificate ‘’Trustworthy company’.

Establishment of high corporative culture on the internet comes from primary channels of communication, like a corporate blog, news, events, interesting content and posts on social and business networks.

Working on a digital map for two years raised trust that consumers have in the winery, as well as promotions that are connected to digital performance.

Carried out

  • Web design
  • FB: Di Luna Sangria
  • FB: Ždrepčeva Krv
  • FB: Vinarija Čoka
  • Concept
  • Online PR