Our 5 minutes

We are young creative agency filled with love and turned to launching perfect internet campaigns. Established in 2013, we grew up to be a serious crew that had an honor of working with clients not only from Serbia, but from other countries like Italy, Turkey, Montenegro, and Bosnia. At New Age, we have a high level of knowledge in all spheres of digital marketing. With more than 70 projects we represent not only developers and designers, but consumers of products from our partners, partners of conferences and owners of startups. Our aim is not to create a visually appealing web page, but to create a successful solution that brings back invested money in short period of time. We make your ambitions happen by developing sustainable online solutions and we create projects that assure the success of these ambitions. We do not stop there. At New Age, we believe that by following latest trends and technologies we can offer better services Our goal is to provide you with relevant and efficient online solution to your company while at the same time we help with the realization of your goals.

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    SF and clubbing

    Vlada R. The founder

    Vladimir is in love with marketing, the one in a digital surrounding. It has been like that for 20 years. He is a lover of electronic and Latino music, but he does not dance. He dances at festivals until an after is about to start. He is also a coach, but that did not stop him from playing video games and to become a founder of iRevolucija conference.

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    Yoga and RPGs

    Kristina N. Community manager

    She loves mountain bikes and active holidays. Camping as a mindset and community manager by nature.

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    Drums and programming

    Rade J. Web developer

    Rade’s profession is a web developer, however, he is a drummer by nature, and when it comes to the English language you get the feeling like it’s his mother tongue, but it’s not. He is an excellent lecturer, to whom attendees of these lectures come back for more knowledge. Trshhhhhhh! CSSSSS!


8 REASONS you should work with us

We selected 8 key questions that we get often. If you do not find answers to your question feel free to send us an e-mail and we’ll answer you in no time.

Because we are an agency that has a lot of experience, creative and responsible at the same time, because we cultivate multidisciplinary approach in all of our processes, because we listen to our partners and we understand well their goals, because we ROCK!

It depends on the nature of your business. For example, some concepts we create from scratch while others we develop as we go along. The main version we develop in 5 days and most of the time it is enough for the advent of middle companies. Most of our time goes to companies that have a strong need for an e-commerce, which leads to the creation of strategies and that takes about 22 days to make.

Developing a website requires the high-quality organization of all processes inside it. Principles on how we design websites are precisely defined deadline and concise delegation of responsibilities of all who have an impact on the development of primary channel of communication..

First of all, we are not satisfied until you are; secondly, our product is unique and can consist of one, two or more combined services. Thirdly, up until now, our clients are all satisfied with us, whose investment we justified by measuring a great success. This means that our solutions are unique and price depends on what are your needs

Great results! If our focus is on selling than it’s rise in selling if we build online presence than it is a high audience reach.

Yes. Our agency is working closely with a lot of freelancers, companies and organization that can be of use to your business. We have long and steady relationship with our business partners and if we trust them, you can trust them.

The one that suits YOUR business. We will adapt our services to the model that will bring the most to your business.

Great! This means that we got you to the point where we wanted to? You can come by our office or we can meet each other for a coffee like it matters. The thing that matter is what we are going to talk about. First coffee is on us, the second one is a''let's work'' one and the third one is ‘’we made it’’ coffee.