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Valjevo's new websites

In April new website was launched. Renewed design of city municipality made internet presentation more appealing and efficient. New website is more functional and is focused on providing its citizens information about the municipality, public institutions, education, health, social welfare, sport, etc...

Greatest innovation is simple and connected communication; e.g. Ordering documents, information about info Centre, getting briefs and forms. On the site you can find detailed information about the city; like geography, history, important numbers, live feed of city rework that is in progress, city transport timetable, where you can rest, etc…

Special categories are presented on the separate website of the municipality of Valjevo; economy, tourism, and agriculture. Investors can get information and get forms on the site.

Active calls and latest business news are also shown. The website is optimized for all gadgets; desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Carried Out

  • Web design
  • Website of the city
  • Sajt privrede grada
  • Communication
  • Facebook
  • Concept