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Gurman name is a synonym for the well-known brand from its start in 1994. For generations MIN- commerce earned its reputation by being innovative and dedicated to quality of its products.

Since Gurman is in a process of adapting its concepts to newer and modern solutions turned to younger consumers, it was important to take into account new consumers who never tried their products.

The team focused on creating modern concepts with an accent on new products and brands that educated consumers, putting quality and good taste in the first place. We came to a conclusion that the best solution is to present content in a form of simple and direct visuals on all online channels of communication.

Content that was produced by the team, is educating consumers about creating concepts and serves as an addition to design. Social networks are primary channel of communication since they transfer messages fastest, like satellites.

Carried out

  • Web design
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Online PR
  • Concept development